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Sharper Copy can turn anything from your first draft to your latest rewrite into copy that's clear, concise and compelling.

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How statistics can make you a better writer

I’ve never been much of a numbers person.

At university I barely survived maths, totally sucked at accounting, and wasn’t much better at economics. And despite working at a statistical agency for 20 years I still have no idea how to work out standard deviation. (Or any other deviation for that matter.)

So for years I resisted Microsoft Word’s “Readability …

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Size matters (but not like you think it does)

What’s better—long or short?

It’s a topic copywriters love debating, especially over drinks. (We don’t get together very often, so when we do we make the most of it.)

Some will say it needs to be short to meet the needs of today’s “I don’t have time / I have the attention span of a goldfish” generation. And others will …

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