I can finally tell you about my latest editing project

My latest editing project: "Practical Perfection" by Kelly ExeterHaving wanted to tell you for what seems like ages, I can finally talk about my latest editing project.

Kelly Exeter’s new book, “Practical Perfection“, is finally available for pre-order.

Well done, Kelly. It really is a fantastic book. And I can’t wait to get a copy for myself so I can read it again.


Some very kind words from a client

"The Entrepreneurial Way" by Paul BreenI was fortunate enough to be the edit of Paul Breen’s new book, “The Entrepreneurial Way”. (And I’m proud to say I just typed “Entrepreneurial” without screwing it up.)

And now I have my very own copy to add to the collection of other books I’ve edited.

But what makes my copy even better is what Paul wrote on the inside.

Some kind words from Paul...
Congratulations on the book, Paul. And it was a pleasure working with you.


A rubbish blog post for a great looking site

For those of you who like reading something a little different, here’s another blog post I wrote for Brizzy Rubbish Removals.

And congratulations to Alicia Laing at Creative Mode on the redesign. It looks fantastic.


Another dose of humour (hopefully not a fatal one)

Once again I’ve had the chance to add some humour to a blog post. Here’s the latest piece I’ve written for Home Appliance Rentals.

If I could write this kind of stuff all the time I’d be a very happy man.