Here are some nice things my clients have said about the work I’ve done for them.

”I couldn’t really ask for anything better in a copywriter than being as responsive as Bill at Sharper Copy was. I had a very tight deadline where I really needed his attention and needed changes made within a very short period of time (hours). Bill got onto it and delivered to a high standard. I will use him again for sure. He is obviously very passionate about he does, and this shines through in his work and work ethic. Thanks for having my back, Bill.”

Alex Gassner, Product Analyst , Rubik Group


“Bill came to the rescue on an urgent proposal with a tight turn-around. Bill articulated a very important partnership pitch into a slick and easy-to-read proposal. Given the tight timeframe, I expected basic editing. What I received was far above my expectations. I look forward to working with Bill on other projects in the future.”

Sean Cosgrove, National Sales & Marketing Manager at The Australian Institute of Fitness


“Need a copywriter? Hire Bill Harper. Efficient, great attitude and excellent in what he does. It is great to deal with someone who understands tight timelines and really tries to understand why the client is completing this particular piece of work, whether it be for a blog, brochure or website. I will certainly engage with Bill again.

“Bill, once again thank you for your professionalism and most importantly your own desire to ensure the final output was of a standard I desired.”

— Simi Rayat, Principal Psychologist at Minds For The Future


“Bill has been my ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ coming on board at five minutes to midnight to assist with proofing, editing and rewriting for us on a number of projects that had extremely tight deadline–even overnight if needed. He has complemented our firm wonderfully, and we look forward to working with him on many other projects.”

Jo Scard, Fifty Acres – The Communications Agency


“It’s such a relief to discover the Bill Harpers of this world. I send my messy copy to him, it comes back with all the creases ironed out. All those nasty typos corrected, all my wonky grammar fixed, but more than that Bill suggests better phrasing and adds value with new ideas. All this done at super fast speed and at a great price. I would recommend him more but I’m scared you’ll steal him from me!”

— Kate Toon


“Bill was an absolute pleasure to work with. He listened to feedback, answered questions promptly, and completed all work with passion and on time. It’s clear that Bill has  genuine interest in what he does. The end product was a book that’s now caught the attention of a publisher. This is something I couldn’t have dreamed of achieving alone! Thanks again Bill.”

— Dr Melanie Strang, author of “Stroller Coaster: Embracing the ups and downs of being a new parent”


“Writing can be an uphill battle at the best of times, and the last thing you need is an editor who is slow, error-prone, or overly aggressive with the red ink. Thankfully, Bill is none of those things. Bill’s speed, scalpel-like precision, and down-to-earth professionalism made working with him an absolute pleasure. Bill is both incredibly efficient at what he does, and very adept at leaving your voice intact in your writing.

“Need an editor? Hire Bill.”

Luke Stevens, author of “The Truth About HTML5


“Bill is my main man for blog posts to assist with search engine marketing for a variety of clients and topics. If this is what you need too then forget the usual ‘content pollution’ that gets churned out for SEO and just hire Bill.  He understands the requirements and consistently delivers content that is witty, interesting and intelligent.  He does this month after month (often on the same topics) and he does it so well that I still look forward to reading each and every one.

“He is also an incredibly gracious and lovely person to do business with.”

Alicia Laing, Creative Mode


“Bill is that special breed of editor who whips mediocre prose into something exceptional without affecting the writer’s flair or personality. That’s what he did with my ebook.

Once I was done writing, all I wanted to do was throw it in a corner and forget about it. Instead I sent it to Bill for editing. Letting Bill edit my work was my equivalent of doing that. Once I threw the book in his corner, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. The ebook he returned to me had writing that flowed, was error-free and was a joy to read.

If you’re looking to work with an editor, then you cannot do better than Bill.”

Samar Owais, The Writing Base


“My editor Bill Harper was amazing. I looked at the first chapters he sent back and thought he hadn’t done anything – I couldn’t see any differences. But he had done tons of work – he’d managed to improve my writing out of sight and still keep it sounding just like me. Bill, I hope you can edit for me for every other book I write.”

Donna Spencer, author of “A Practical Guide to Information Architecture


“I can’t recommend Bill’s editing services highly enough. He went beyond the call of duty to get the job done in time and his work is meticulous. The time and effort he put into the job shows – the results are great. I’ll definitely be using Bill again next time I need an editor.”

Annabel Candy, author of “Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps


“I hired Bill as an editor for my eBook “A Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base”. He had a thorough understanding of the topic (not that it was required), and was firm but kind with my known abuse of commas and occasional wordiness. Yes, I’m a writer, but a good writer should have an excellent editor for those times when you just can’t look at your own work any longer.”

Aprill Allen, author of “A Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base


“I’ve said it before Bill but I want it written here for all to know, you are truly excellent at what you do. You made me sound like a better version of me! You never put words in my mouth and you always understood exactly what I was trying to say. I cannot imagine releasing this book to the masses without your input.”

Robert Mills, author of “A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible


“Your proofreading is second to none. You possess the elusive ability to edit without leaving footprints. And you make me look good. Thank you.”

Amanda Gonzalez, author of “EXPOSED: The secret life of a web designer