Writing that’s sharper than the rest

You’re so excited you can barely sit still at the computer.

After what seems like an eternity your product/service is finally ready, and you can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

So you tap away at the keyboard, explaining why it’s so damn good. Because if your clients get even half as excited as you are, it will be huge.

But when you read back what you’ve written it sounds … well, boring. There’s no excitement whatsoever, and it has about as much personality as a chemical laboratory.

Boring. It’s not how you want the world to think of you–or what you’re offering.

Don’t worry. Sharper Copy can help.

I can turn your information and ideas into copy that not only gets noticed, but also gets results.

And it will be anything but boring.


Copy and conversation

In an ideal world you wouldn’t need copy. You’d just chat with your clients over a coffee or a beer. You wouldn’t have to tell them how excited you are–they’d see it for themselves.

And they’d soon be as excited as you are.

Unfortunately you don’t have a time machine, so your copy has to do the talking for you. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as friendly and conversational as you are.

I write your copy so it sounds just like you–full of personality, even wit if that’s your style. In fact, it’s not so much copy as a conversation.

(But they’ll need to supply their own beverages.)


I write more than just copy

These days you can’t just put up a website and expect your clients to stick around. You need to update it regularly with fresh content such as blog posts, articles and other information.

The good news is I can write those too.

I can even help you out with the ‘hard’ stuff–brochures, business cards, etc.


Ready for some sharp copy?

If you’re ready to “start spreading the news”, then so am I. Send me the details and I’ll get to work as soon as I can.

But if you’re still not sure, of if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

In either case, I can’t wait to hear from you.